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Donation Sort-n-Box Event: October 2013
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On October 5, 2013, we completed boxing up the donations we have gathered for shipment to Panama. With the help of some wonderful dedicated volunteers who put in a very long day, we packed up 119 boxes of clothes, toys, and household goods!! Combined with the 453 boxes that have been packed up over the last 1.5 years, we now have enough boxes to send a container to Panama. This album shows how we pack up a mountain of mixed donations into an orderly collection of sorted boxes.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our volunteers and to St. John Properties, Inc. for donating warehouse space for our use during the sort-n-box event.

Background: In preparation for shipping a container of donations to Panama, we periodically sort and box the donations we have gathered. This helps us maximize the use of our limited storage space and prepare for shipment. Clothing donations are boxed by size and gender, toys are boxed by gender and age range, and household goods are boxed with similar items together (ie kitchen utensils with pots and pans). This helps keep items organized for when we distribute them in rural Panama--our volunteers can load a mix of boxes of clothing sizes for adults and kids, toys, and household goods for each community they visit during the donation distribution trip.
Living Conditions in Rural Panama
21 Images
This album serves to illustrate the typical living conditions in many of the rural communities we serve. It helps to explain why we feel these communities merit our assistance.
2010 Donation Trip
18 Images
This album includes images taken during the 2010 donation trip that influenced the creation of LARN. During that trip, volunteers from the US and Panama distributed donated goods that had been collected in the US to communities in need in rural Panama. All donations for adults were distributed to families and individuals living in the communities of Las Huacas, La Chumicosa, La Sabana, El Higo, El Naranjal, Loma Colorada, La Laguna, San Roquito and La Soledad. Items for children that were still available after visiting those communities were donated to the Panamanian non-governmental, non-profit organization Nutre Hogar.
Faces of Panama
98 Images
This album includes images of some of the wonderful people we have met and/or assisted in our efforts thus far. These images do not include captions. All images in the album belong to LARN.
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