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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you work in Panama?

A: See the Why Panama? page on our site.


Q: Is it cost effective to ship donated goods instead of buying new goods in Panama?

A: Yes! In Panamanian clothing stores, there is often a section denoted "Ropa Americana" where individuals can buy US brands, which are generally made with higher quality materials that will last longer. However, these items are two or three times more expensive than the non US brands. This increased price for US brands and higher quality products also holds true for household goods and other items we distribute.

In the 20-foot container we shipped in 2010, we sent over 4000 shirts, over 2300 pairs of pants, over 400 dresses/skirts, over 800 onesies, over 450 pairs of shoes, plus other clothing, household and kitchen goods, school supplies, baby supplies and other items.  The cost to purchase all of these items in Panama, at the same quality that we receive as donations, would be far more expensive than the cost of shipping a 20-foot container of donated goods.


Q: Why do you want trucks?

A: See the Trucks page on our site.


Q: A lot of the people pictured on the site who are identified as recipients of LARN donations appear to be well-dressed. Why does LARN think they need LARN's assistance?

A: Physical appearance is very important to many Panamanians. People will often dress in their best outfit when heading to church, into town to grocery shop, or when welcoming guests. People in rural communities who know LARN will be visiting often dress up to make a good impression on the visiting foreigners. When visiting a village that we did not coordinate with in advance, we have even witnessed families going home to change before coming back to receive donations. Thus, you are often viewing images of people in their best outfit who truly do live in dire poverty and do benefit from LARN donations. For instance, during the 2010 donation trip, the volunteers offered a ride to a mother and her children that they encountered on the road one day. The family was returning from a trip into a larger town. By their dress, you might not have looked twice if you encountered them on the street in the US. But, the home they returned to was one of the most basic the volunteers encountered on that whole trip.


Q: Why can't I view the photos in your online photo galleries?

A: The most likely reason you can not see images in our photo galleries is because you are using an outdated version of your Web browser, particularly if you are viewing our site with Internet Explorer. Try updating to a newer version of your Web browser or using another Web browser. If you are still  experiencing errors, please contact our Webmaster and describe your problem.

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