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Privacy Policy and Legal Notice

Thank you for visiting the official Web site of the Latin American Relief Network, Inc. (LARN).

For additional information about this site or about LARN, you may contact us at:

Latin American Relief Network, Inc.
1406 Norcross Lane
Severn, MD 21144

e-mail: info@larnhope.org


Statement of Purpose

This Web site is an educational and informational electronic publication of LARN. Its primary purpose is to share the story of LARN's work and to invite interested online visitors to donate their time, money, or goods to our efforts. This site was developed and is maintained by LARN.


Reprint Information

If you elect to use materials from this Web offering, please cite LARN as the source, and include the appropriate URL of the page(s) from which the materials were taken, along with the date on which the content was accessed.

For permission to reprint or to advise LARN of links to this site, e-mail webmaster@larnhope.org. Upon print publication of material from this site, for our records we require that a copy be sent addressed to the Webmaster at the mailing address listed above.


Use of Images

All photos used on this site are copyrighted. The image owner is generally listed in the photo caption. For photos witout captions, photo credit belongs to LARN. No images from this site may be reproduced without express written permission from LARN or the image owner. To request permission, please write to the mailing or email address listed at the top of the page. Provide the photo name (available for photos in albums) and/or the url where it is found, along with a description of the photo for each photo you would like to reproduce. Include a description of the proposed use of the image(s). LARN will contact you at the return address or email you provide to advice you of whether your intended use is approved or denied.


Privacy Policy

LARN is committed to respecting the privacy of online visitors and pledges its best efforts to that end. In general, you can visit LARN on the Web without telling us who you are or revealing anything about yourself. There are times; however, such as when you register for an event or make a donation, that we will collect specific information. If you choose to provide personally identifiable data, you may periodically receive information from us in the future--by mail or electronically--advising you of upcoming LARN events or volunteer and support opportunities. If you do not wish to be contacted with such information, please let us know by writing or sending e-mail to the addresses at the top of this page. We will acknolwedge receipt of your message and that your information has been removed from our contact list. We do not share contacts with any other organizations.

In order to provide a more comprehensive and useful site, the LARN Web site contains links to other Web sites. LARN is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.


Credit Card Information

LARN has contracted the services of PayPal to process donations submitted online. PayPal's secured server encrypts your credit card or banking information so that it may be safely transmitted over the Web; you will see "https://" rather than "http://" for any PayPal pages on which your banking or credit card information is entered. Invidivuals making donations online do not need to have their own PayPal account to pay by credit card. Direct transfer from your bank account requires that the donor have a PayPal account. For more information about PayPal's user agreement and privacy policy, click here.


Feedback Invited

Again, thank you for visiting the Web site of LARN. We welcome your feedback.

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