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Services and In-Kind Support

Do you want to help out with an in-kind donation, but you don't live near our headquarters in MD? Check out our Wish List--you can purchase items from the list and they will be shipped directly to us.

Do you own a business that sells office supplies or are you able to purchase office supplies for donation? Do you live in the Baltimore metro area and own a moving truck, warehouse space or storage facility? We often are required to rent or buy those and the items listed below in order to store, transport, and sort/box donations. If you are in a position to donate supplies or donate the use of such items, you can save us money that could then be put towards our other projects and goals.

If you have the authority to donate any of the items listed below or have questions about other items you think we could use, please contact us.


Materials Used for Sorting and Boxing Donations

  • packing tape
  • masking tape
  • permanent markers
  • pens
  • sticky notes
  • resealable plastic bags in various sizes
  • trash bags
  • tarps
  • small orange traffic cones
  • printer paper
  • cardstock paper
  • hand trucks
  • pre-packaged drinks and snacks for volunteers

Storage Units and Warehouse Space

  • free or reduced rate long-term storage units in the Severn, MD area near LARN headquarters (for storing donations as they are received and sorted/boxed donations while they await shipment to Panama)
  • free or reduced rate short-term storage unit near the Port of Baltimore (for short-term storage of the sorted/boxed donations when they are loaded into shipping containers in preparation for shipment)
  • free empty warehouse space near Severn, MD (for use during donation sorting/boxing events so that these events are not weather-dependent)


  • free or reduced rate rental moving trucks (for use to transport donations to and from LARN storage facilities during donation sorting events)
  • free or reduced rate for shipping a 20' or 40' container from Baltimore, MD, USA to Panama City, Panama.
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