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Your Time

Want to get involved in our cause in a hands-on way? Here are current methods by which you can volunteer with LARN.  Check back regularly to see new opportunities as they arise.


Donation Sorting


Donations are received in bags and boxes and must be sorted by gender, size, type of goods, etc.  Credit: LARN

If you are in or near central Maryland, you can sign up to be contacted when we hold donation sorting events. As donations of goods flow in, we periodically have to clear out our storage facility and sort and box the goods to allow for ease of transport and distribution in Panama. This process also makes room for new donations. For these sorting events, the more helping hands we have, the more we can get done. This is especially helpful when a local school or facility donates us the use of a large indoor space in which to work; we have limited time to use these facilities. In addition, if we don't have the manpower to keep up with sorting the donations we have already received, we could run out of room in our storage facility. We do not want to ever be put in a position where we would need to temporarily suspend the receipt of donated goods.

Boxing up sorted girls' clothing.
LARN volunteers sorting and boxing donated goods in a warehouse, October 2013.  Credit: LARN

Interested volunteers should contact us ahead of time to register for an event, unless otherwise directed. Volunteers will need to sign a waiver before beginning work and will be informed ahead of time if beverages and refreshments will be provided by LARN. Click on the links below to download the appropriate waiver(s).

Liability waivers for adults and minors.


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